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Website design

We offer three website design solutions to cover different requirements and levels of functionality.


Wix is a great solution for start ups who want a simple brochure site. It comes with a whole host of functions that compliment an online business like sending invoices, newsletters and social media posts.


It's easy to use and get a website mobile ready too. The only downside is you have to host your site with Wix - you can't move it to your own server. This is often a problem for public sector organisations who have to abide by tougher UK regulations around security, and therefore prefer to self host.


Wordpress is a popular website platform. Unlike Wix, it can be hosted wherever you like. As it was originally designed to create blogs rather than websites, many feel it's not that intuitive to use. You also have to keep any plugins you have installed up to date, and configuring a site for mobile isn't as easy as it is in Wix. 


We have a developer partner we work with to be able to build fully customised websites. We start off designing the overall look and feel, and then work with the developer during the build. We give guidance and share ideas on user experience, journeys and architecture, making sure the development doesn't get divorced from your brand. 

Full colour service

Our core focus to is designing brands, but we offer a full range of supporting creative services.

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