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Maker Mondays - Design thinking platform for schools in Stirling.

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

We are starting an exciting new project with Stirling Council called Maker Monday's. An online platform designed to set creative challenges for school pupils across the Stirling area.

Maker Mondays Website
Maker Mondays Website

Design Thinking
Maker Mondays

What's is Maker Mondays?

Maker Monday's is all about design thinking for kids. School pupils are set a challenge every Monday and have the rest of the week to arrive at a solution.

The framework they will work though the design thinking process and make use of their empathy, research, imagination and design to arrive at a design prototype and sometimes even a model.

This is about learning new skills while demonstrating the value of design and creative thinking - encouraging kids to have confidence in and value their imagination.

And there's some sharing

Where pupils have a home computer - they will be encouraged to upload their ideas, sketches and designs to a gallery where everyone can see and enjoy the diversity of ideas.

We expect this platform to evolve overtime as we wish to collaborate with schools, pupils and parents to continually redefine the brand, user journey and experience.

Launch date is edging closer!

Click here for more information about the project.


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