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Love your roots but think big

In organisations of all sizes, I have come across a fear;

If we are openly proud of our roots, we will not risk being seen as parochial or limited in ambition. We won't be seen as one of the big boys.

For me it's not a black and white thing. You can be both, and in fact it can pay. Given gaining trust in a brand is so crucial, transparency and authenticity is really valuable. It makes organisations feel real and believable.

If they can demonstrate that from their birth, the same values and purpose have been baked in - then wow there's genuine integrity there, a story to be told, which as the potential to give a brand both material to differentiate itself with with and be trusted. That's not something you can buy - no matter how cool your brand launch looks.

All you need too do is link your roots with your aspirations and goals, so it read as one fluid story. In the last few chapters, as long as you stay true to who you are, you can be as ambitious as you like.


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