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Left or right?

It takes more than strategy to build a brand. It takes creativity too.

Left and right of the brain

We've all seen it - the agency turns up at the office and gives pitch. They've spent a lot of time thinking, looking, identifying, interpreting and articulating ideas into a handy sized presentation designed to get the pith of the thing across, whilst at the same time, grab people by the eyeballs.

All seems to have gone down well. Great - anyone for the pub?

But then a discussion begins. The decision makers on the client side of the room start to articulate their thoughts - from a logical, straight line, gingerly finding their way along a path whilst holding onto a handrail kind of way. They've understood the theories and the rules but not the nuance. Everyone on the creative side of the bench, forms a hesitant smile and a look of - 'they haven't got it'.

It's a common experience - so common creative folks expect and prepare for it. And it's no wonder that it happens, especially at the beginning of the relationship, because the two sides are speaking a different language.

One language is based on logic and straight lines, the other on feeling and intuition. The space between the two can cause a disconnect, making for some shaky legs and anxious biro chewing on the client side, and a death of a good idea on the creative side. Brands cost money, so confidence from the investor is key, therefore understanding and being on the same page is essential.

The gap between business and creativity simply reflects the jump between the left and right sides of the brain.

For brands to be really successful, this awkward space between the two has to be bridged. There needs to partnership of equals between left and right, and with some chemistry in between, in order for a brand to be both strategic and meaningful.

* Are you a lefty or a righty?


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