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In brands we trust

I've taken a bit of time to reflect why TRUST is so important to keep in mind when designing a brand. We hear it talked about a lot. So why does trust matter? Well as far as I can see we are in an age of information overload, where choice has grown massively, and thanks to most of us feeling time poor, so has the feeling of decision fatigue.

If we do have the appetite to compare products - their features, what they can do for us, what they cost - you soon find, things start to boil down to the same sort of ball park type thing with a few differences.

Most products are now mass produced (divorced from human making) and many digitalised, so it's hard and will get harder for them to be distinctive in a practical (what can it do and what does it cost) sense.

So it becomes less about mechanics and more about how products 'feel'.

And how they 'feel' sits on the desk of brand.

Subconsciously people will have a gut feeling about a brand. People get a 'feel' for who buys that brand, and if they want to belong to that tribe, be associated with what a brand stands for - its values, its personality and its promise. If a brand resonates enough emotionally they people will trust it and therefore invest in it.

At the end of the day we are human. We have emotions and we need and seek purpose and meaning. This is the language that has to be embodied in brand for it to be successful.

Why brands need to gain trust
Believe in us, love us, trust us


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