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Creativity - the 21st Century Skill

Updated: Mar 8, 2021


Creativity, Curiosity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Communication – Skills for 21st Century Learning, Work

and Life.

We are nearing the launch of Maker Mondays - an online platform teaching and advocating design thinking to school pupils in Stirling, Scotland. So why is design thinking becoming such a buzz word in schools, councils and corporations?

The bigger driver behind this is the recognition of the value and benefits from creative thinking.

Creative skills sadly decline in children as they move through school - a reflection I believe of the dismissive view that creativity is fluffy - a hobby - only relevant to people with magical powers gifted from god ... it doesn't lead to a proper job anyway ... and isn't as serious as science and maths.

Sure it's much harder to measure and thus pin a value to - especially in this world dominated by left brainers - but thankfully it looks like we are coming into an age where that is starting to turn on it's head.

Creativity is becoming more relevant due to the demand for imagination, innovation, curiosity, discipline, resilience, risk taking, persistence and critical thinking. There's also recognition that creativity is something that you can learn, develop and nurture throughout life.

If you thought creativity was an output like a painting, writing, performing, designing...think again. Before any idea or result appears - there's a hell of a lot going on in the brain.. in short - it's more about a way of thinking and seeing.

Progressive employers are starting to take note:

Top ten skills for future jobs according to employers

1 Complex problem solving 2 Critical thinking 3 Creativity 4 People management 5 Coordinating with others

6 Emotional intelligence 7 Judgement and decision 8 making 8 Service orientation 9 Negotiation 10 Cognitive flexibility

So education needs to be able to develop people who are able to ask questions, empathise, create and develop new ideas in order to solve new problems.

Quote from ES

That's where design thinking comes in. It's fantastic, simple, structured process anyone can follow that will use and develop creative skills. We are so excited about Maker Mondays and the potential it has not just for pupils in Stirling but across Scotland and the UK.


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