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Graphic design

As well as designing brands we undertake graphic design and web design projects. Quite often, we design these as part of a brand design project.

Graphic design is a key skill when it comes to applying a brand across touchpoints.

It's a craft and a practice, built from a combination of skill and intuition. It's about having, and building up over time, a knowledge and understanding of such things as layout, typography, colour, composition, negative space, contrast, image types and resolution, kerning, leading, grids, bleeds, crop marks and colour spaces - yep there's a lot more to it than just buying photoshop.


Once you know your tools and what they can do, it's having the creative know how to shape the characteristics of these things to communicate an overall mood, message or feeling.

If you need help for a stand alone design project - it's worth getting in touch to see how we can support you.

Full colour service

Our core focus to is designing brands, but we offer a full range of supporting creative services.

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