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Brand - it’s how an organisation is perceived

A brand is more than a logo, it’s a personality and a story that has the power to define how an organisation is seen and sees itself. Brands can win hearts, minds and loyalty - in that order. They can unite and inspire colleagues and customers alike.


Make it authentic, make it true

Your brand is the face of your business - a living interface people engage with subconsciously and intuitively. People see it, hear it and feel it. So it’s important it reflects your values and culture for your brand to be believable - for you to succeed in growing lasting relationships with customers. 


Above all just
be human

That means not just talking in jargon about what you do and how much it costs but also about how you feel about what you do - expressing your beliefs, values and passions. The most successful brands have a consistent message that engages with people emotionally.




Placing your brand in the market place is a bit like putting a seedling in the ground for the first time. How will it fair? Considering how your brand sits against your competitors and how it differentiates itself - ensures your business stands out from the rest.


Brand before marketing

Your brand is at the heart of your business and serves as the backbone of your marketing plan - it's not an add-on or a marketing genre. A brand's personality is expressed and its story told through engaging content but it's your brand that determines what is said and how.


Commit to consistency

The key to building trust in your brand is consistency. If people experience inconsistencies in the way you look or sound - they are left wondering if you really live the values you express. Your brand builds up trust through familiarity - any sudden changes to your brand can undermine that process.




The more people involved in marketing your business, the more of a battle it can become to prevent your brand from fraying at the edges. To protect your brand you will need brand guidelines and a gate keeper to approve communications before they go live. 


Take colleagues

with you

Brands are best built from the inside out. By engaging your employees and partners with your brand, you begin to build a sense of unity and belonging. Once onboard they become natural ambassadors of your brand giving it strength and credibility. 

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