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Identity design

Design is the craft that brings your brand to life. Although a brand is made up of many things - many people associate a brand with a visual identity.


Embodying the essence of a brand in a visual identity is an art in itself. Ideally an identity is simple yet distinctive - easy to recognise and remember. 

So when do we feel we have designed a brand as opposed to an identity?


Well, basically if we have explored your business vision, values and purpose, shaped a brand position, articulated the attributes you want your business to portray... All that takes things to a deeper level. You're building a world, a reputation not just designing an icon.


Realistically we will admit, not all organisations require a brand. Some do just need an identity, especially if they have just started out and it's not viable to invest in a brand yet - and that's ok.


But at some point as a venture develops and grows, it will likely need a brand to reflect what it has become and where it wants to go next. It's a sign of an organisation having grown up, and wanting to claim a unique space of their own, in their industry.

Full colour service

Our core focus to is designing brands, but we offer a full range of supporting creative services.

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