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Five steps


Sometimes it's good to know you have some someone on hand for on going support. If you feel this is you - get in touch, it's worth talking to us to see if we can help on a rolling contract basis.


We see ourselves being helpful in the following scenarios:



So you've just launched a new brand, you're feeling excited but a little nervous too. You'd like a bit of a handover period where we stick around for a while to ensure any marketing communications going out the door, are adhering to brand guidelines.


It would be useful too to make sure your team are working with a new brand in mind so it gets off to a good start, establishing your brand in a consistent way to build confidence with your customers.



You're a larger organisation and you've launched a new brand. There is a ton of deliverables the need updating with the new brand design; vehicles, signage, office space, uniforms, email  signatures... the list is endless. You don't want to start hiring a team, but you could do with someone to coordinate and manage things. You also need to make sure your team understands what you are trying to achieve with your brand and get it established it into your company culture.



Creating professional looking design takes time. You feel you neither have the time nor the skills, but you don't want to take on another employee. Your requirements are on going, whether it be graphics to support your social media posts or updates to your website, it's worth talking to us to see if we can help. You can hire us for a set number of hours a month, get the work off your desk and have peace of mind everything is on brand and of a professional standard.



You have a brand that's already built a good reputation and you could do with someone on board to keep it ticking over nicely. A gatekeeper that ensures everything going out the door is on brand. A pair of eyes and ears for anything going a stray.


You also need a brand head in key meetings, to be there to answer questions and input on key business decisions, such as diversification or an acquisition. You need to know your brand isn't going to be adversely affected or in fact where it can leverage opportunities and further value.



You have a brand and a team of designers, but you'd like someone to keep them right for the first few months. There's no need to teach them their trade, but it would be good to have a creative brand design lead on site to make sure they are working from the brand guidelines correctly, until it becomes their second language.

Supporting services

Our core focus is designing brands, but once a brand is designed it doesn't stop there. We have a range of services to help you take your brand forward to the next stage, whether it be designing applications or shaping a campaign or marketing plan.

Check in

We are always keen to hear about new projects. 
Book a free consultancy call to discuss your ideas. 

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