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Witches of Scotland

Justice for people convicted of witchcraft 

1563 - 1736

Witches of Scotland is a campaign for justice, acknowledgement, legal pardon, apology and commemoration of the thousands of women (and some men) that were convicted of witchcraft and subsequently killed between 1532 and 1736 in Scotland. 

We were asked to create an identity for the campaign and build a website.

We took our inspiration from witches marks - medieval symbols carved into walls and lintels around windows and fireplaces intended to ward off evil spirits coming into dwellings. 


Campaign identity 

Website design & build

Social media assets

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Our client said

I have never been involved in the process of design before - on meeting Jane and talking with her she really took time to understand my ideas. I found her to be very professional e.g. setting out clear goals to be achieved in a certain timescale. I am very happy with the final product - she took my ideas and with a clear process helped define and distill my vision. I have had very positive feedback from with work we did, and think hiring Jane was a good investment in my project. I would not hesitate to recommend New Colours.

Claire Mitchel QC, Justice fighter, Witches of Scotland 

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